The Gallery at Social Deck +  Dining

Local artists grace the gallery walls of Social Deck and Dining.

Meet the Artist / Aimee Eischen
Fall-Winter 2020

Artist Spotlight

artist statement
I believe art can heal, inspire, and encourage both the artist and the viewer. I am fascinated by color and movement and the feelings they evoke.  I strive to create art that elicits emotion both from myself and those that view my work, leaving them with a sense of hope, joy, and possibility.  Each piece I paint has deep, meaningful roots that lay a rich foundation for what leaps off my brush.  I begin my process with words, lyrics, verses, or prayers that are on my heart for that day. If it is a commission piece, I ask the buyer for thoughts meaningful to them to create the initial layer of the painting.   I begin laying down colors and layers in varying mixed media embracing the beauty in whatever happens in each unique piece.  My favorite part of my process is adding the finishing small details and marks that surprise my audience as they explore my work. From experience, I know adding original art to a space alters the energy of that space and expands the possibilities of what can happen there.

I find inspiration from nature, the love of my family, my faith, the music that moves me, and most importantly from the stories of the people in my life.  I strongly believe pain and creativity are intimately acquainted. I find through both the viewing of and creating of art, a measure of healing for my life and past traumas.  I believe none of our suffering or experiences are wasted and encourage myself and others to embrace the healing gift that art can bring.

A peek of the gallery walls

Here is just a peek of art currently up on our gallery walls. Stop by Social anytime to check out Aimee's original art in person.
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Interested in purchasing one of Aimee's original pieces? 

Commissions also available.

Final art purchase will require a final top coat and possible touch ups from the artist before it can make its way to its new home.

Contact Nicole Lowry, Curator by through the form below.